Alla Fuller
Event Planning Expert - Founder of Carpe Vino

Who we are

Carpe Vino is your go to social event planners. Our full-service planning companies goal is to help you seize every moment of your life and make them memorable. Whether it be a date night, work event, or wedding we want to be a part of making it unforgettable. 

Behind every great event is a great planner

What we do

We specialize in all social events, date night planning, celebration dinners, engagements, weddings and corporate events. We provide a variety of services to meet your needs and budget. Event design, vendors, budgets and contracts are a small part of what we do. 

Alla's passion for event planning started at a young age where she would help  organize birthday parties, weddings and holiday events for her large Ukrainian family. From hosting her own parties and incredible professional experience gained from the hospitality industry she knows what it takes to plan the most incredible event. Alla's calm and happy demeanor comes from a love of relationships and a desire to help make every event a memorable one. Helping her clients seize their lives is what keep's her passionate for event planning.